Serendipity and Instagram

Last week I shared my experiences with Instagram over the summer. It had taken me a while to put my thoughts into a post and I thought it had taken too long. Not so. It was meant to be.

This week I read an article in Flair magazine about Instagram. It featured 3 people that had started using Instagram just for themselves but for whom their use of Instagram had turned out to be a great success. The one that inspired me was Marianne Hope, who started a company as a result of her Instagram success. The company, SeeMyCity, uses Instagram for city marketing: they send a team of experienced phone photographers to a city and share the pictures with their tens of thousands of Instagram followers. At the same time, they also organise workshops for the local inhabitants, so that they can continue posting pictures of their city and thus can continue promoting their city. Tourist information centres are highly interested in this type of marketing, and the company has done assignments in Oslo, Doha and several other cities in the Netherlands and Belgium by now. See the results on Instagram.

SeeMyCity homepage photos

SeeMyCity homepage photos

This is for me serendipity: I get my thoughts together on Instagram, then I happen to read something about a completely different way of using Instagram at the moment when I am still digesting the use of Instagram in learning processes and thinking about marketing of rural women’s produce and rural tourism in Albania. Sometimes life can be so beautiful!



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