Warm Welcome for 2014!

The start of 2014 makes me think of Dutch painter Peter Klashorst who once explained that he could see a simple white wall as “One big abstract painting”. The eye of the beholder is a powerful thing!

I did hatch some plans for this year and I do have ideas of what I want to be doing. But basically I have no detailed mental picture of what I will be looking back on one year from now. I will let the year 2014 surprise me.

Of course one could say that any year can do that – and mostly they do, in fact. For instance, one year ago I had no clue that I would deliver trainings in Moldova and Bosnia-Herzegovina in 2013 or that I would meet friends I had not seen in twenty years during a reunion in London. I did not expect to read up on chemicals management and I had no idea that trying out Instagram would lead to loads of new ideas and even form a basis for project ideas.

Still, the basic format of 2013 was clear from the beginning and many things I did or experienced were not wholly unexpected or surprising.

This year will be quite different, though. Only the first few weeks are firmly fixed. After that I will let my dreams come true by concentrating fully on the development of Changing Tides and my freelance work.

That means the biggest part of 2014 is still a big untouched canvas for me. It can still become anything and everything.

And at the same time, it already is something: a big abstract painting. To me, it looks beautiful, magical and full of unborn opportunity.

One big abstract canvas

“One big abstract painting!”

And what about you? Do you have some untouched canvases in your mental attic that fill you with anticipation? Or do you have a very clear idea of what 2014 will bring you – and of what you will bring the world in this year?

Whichever the case may be, I wish you an adventurous and successful year. May the seeds you planted in 2013 turn out to bear beautiful flowers and juicy fruits. And may you be able to look upon all those ordinary moments with the eye of an artist and see beautiful paintings all around you!


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