Welcome 2016!

The year 2015 has been a busy, slightly messy whirlwind for me – I got caught up in it and before I knew it it spit me out at the other end!

Looking back at the future - my fave place from which to watch the sea

Looking back at the future – my fave place from which to watch the sea

It is only now, in the very beginning of 2016, that I have started looking back in earnest, and am formulating lessons learned, do’s and most definitely some don’ts as well. Using the two questions I consider every year’s end:

  • what are things I would like to take with me to the next year?
  • what are things I would like to leave behind in the past year?


One of the things I very much intend to bring into 2016 is space for myself to develop professionally (and personally, certainly, also). I had given myself a present of two courses in the end of 2015 – on developing online trainings and on organising webinars, both by the truly inspirational Karin Hornstra. However, I was not able to get everything out of them as planned. Even though every time I spent time on either course I got really inspired and ideas jumped up and down in my head in their haste to get out first.

So – in 2016 I will finish these courses and give myself real time to develop ideas popping up as a result.

In order for this not to remain just a new year’s resolution I started the year by joining two massive challenges: the ‘Best Year Ever’ challenge (in Dutch, four weeks) and the ‘Passion to Profit’ challenge (in Dutch, one week). It is the first time I have joined a challenge. I was not sure what to expect but so far I can say they help me stay focused on my aims and priorities. I also learn from the stories other participants share with amazing frankness. And, last but not least, I also get inspiration from how the challenges are being set up and facilitated. I can see that once my ideas start shaping up I might organise a challenge of my own – and I have some ideas of how I might do that.

First question in 'Passion to Profit' challenge is spot on!

First question in the ‘Passion to Profit’ challenge is spot on and has me wide awake instantly!

And all this, in one week of 2016 only, basically!

Of course, the real challenge will be in keeping this up, once the work flow returns to ‘normal’. However, I am confident I can. I use this relatively quiet period to build myself a new routine, one that includes development time for me and my company. And I spend time to experience explicitly what this does for me, how this motivates me and gives me energy. I think that way I have covered my rider mind, my elephant heart and my habit path sufficiently to achieve successful change.

How about you? Do you also have a clear idea of what you want to bring into 2016 – and how to do this?


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