Empower your Nonprofit with a Solid Finance Foundation with the Workshop Bundle that helps you set up easy and professional finance systems and processes your donors will love. Even if you don’t have a finance background!

Spend 6 mornings (or afternoons) with my step-by-step implementation workshops and walk away with these:

  • Na document with your FINANCIAL PROCESSES that meets donor and control requirements.
  • Na BOOKKEEPING and DOCUMENTATION set up for easy reporting on your grants and donations.
  • Na CASH FLOW PROJECTION to plan inflow and outflow of money or STOCK.
  • Npersonalised TIMESHEETS to keep track of time spent and costs to report.
  • Na FEE CALCULATION that includes all the real costs of time spent.
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Congrats! You've won your first (big) grant! Well done!

Now let’s make sure you can keep the trust of your donors with proper accounting and reporting so you’ll get more grants in future!

You need to know how to:

  • Speedily and accurately show how the money was used.
  • Be certain that you followed the requirements of the donor.
  • Gain the confidence that you have enough funds to cover your expenses.

You want to be sure you can do all this without spending countless hours on admin and compliance stuff – time taken away from working on your mission and vision.

And you also want to be able to understand, monitor, and plan for your finances, instead of being surprised by what is in your bank account or accounting system.

Let me tell you, you CAN be in control (AND have plenty of time to work on your vision and mission!).

Set up simple, practical systems that work in your nonprofit with the Finance Management & Admin Foundations Workshop Bundle.

In the Bundle I will help you do this with ease and simplicity. I’ll guide you and share simple formats to help you every step of the way. Your questions will be answered in our private community so you can set up practical professional systems simply and fast. We won’t leave you behind!

In the Bundle you’ll learn to

  • Organize your financial processes with the required checks and balances.
  • Understand the basics of bookkeeping so you can efficiently manage your nonprofit’s finances using Excel or an accounting software.
  • Develop a simple system for your finance and admin documentation.
  • Make your own cash flow projection. (Or your stock projection).
  • Set up time sheets to keep track of time spent by the team and be accountable for that.
  • Effectively determine the real cost associated with time allocation for budgeting and reporting.

I will help you do all this with ease and simplicity.

So you can

  • Say goodbye to time-consuming  bureaucratic admin procedures that aren’t needed for small and mid-sized nonprofits.
  • Be confident you have a professional and functional system for managing your grant money.
  • Stop losing sleep worrying that a small mistake can ruin everything for your nonprofit.
  • Spend more energy and time on your work for your vision and mission.
  • Have tailor-made formats and clear checklists that are easy to use for your team.

I discovered the impact of getting the basics of finance and admin right. I saw that donors trusted us more easily. And I experienced that having these systems in place also helped me feel more secure about the future of our organisation.

I learned that in finance and admin, a lot of complicated words are used in bureaucratic procedures – AND A LOT OF IT IS UNNECESSARY FOR SMALLER NONPROFITS! I found simple ways to comply that are more suitable for smaller organisations. And I’m sharing all that with you in the Bundle!

Is this for you?

This is for you if you:

  • NWork in a small nonprofit and have some money coming in (or expected soon).
  • NWant to make sure you handle your money and finance management professionally.
  • NWant your nonprofit to be a reliable partner to donors.
  • NCan invest a morning or afternoon each week to get things done – to set up your nonprofit finance properly in just 6 weeks!
  • NAre looking for a structured step-by-step approach with practical formats and examples.
  • NEven if you want to hire someone to do your finances for you – so you understand your own numbers and know what to look for.
This is not for you if you:
  • MDo not work in a nonprofit organization.
  • MAre not interested in setting up professional systems for your finance processes.
  • MThink your donors should understand that you focus on the mission, not on proper (finance) management.
  • MAre looking for shortcuts instead of learning.
  • MAre looking for someone else to do the job for you and don’t want to be able to understand their work.

Hi, I am Suzanne Bakker and I am an expert in finance an administrative processes for small nonprofits.

I have worked as nonprofit finance manager and controller since 2007, and I continue to do so today. Currently, I also hold the role of treasurer on a nonprofit board.

I’ve seen firsthand how things can get messy. And I know it can be stressful when you can’t plan, report, or explain expenses properly, especially to donors or your board.

I also know how it feels when you try to fix it: I have Googled, read books and followed classes. But I never really found what I needed – practical, simple, correct formats and instructions that were suitable to my small nonprofit.

So, I started developing formats myself. Using them in different situations and teams and checking with the auditors I worked with through the years.

And this is what I want to share with you now. Only simple methods and steps that work. That really help you set things done and set up properly.

I want to be your guide and help you figure out what matters in your financial systems and why. So that you can explain this to your team and get going. By using simple methods to stay accountable, open, and honest, you can build trust with donors and sponsors, which is essential to be successful as a nonprofit.

“I help small nonprofits professionalize their organizational and financial management and administration set-up so that they can be reliable and credible partners as well as achieve the impact they desire – to make our world a better place for all of us.”

What others say…

A future donor did an assessment on financials (accountability). This has given me insights in what to put in place to enable my organization to excel. Exactly the things addressed in these workshops. Suzanne, through what she is doing, has moved our organization many steps forward.
After these workshops, I am done with my initial steps that included manual formulation, financial processes and systems. All done.
Suzanne has a knack for making such dull subjects like administration and finance not only bearable but actually quite fascinating

– Caroline Isted of Thula Baba

In these workshops you will learn basic key principles for accountability, transparency and integrity in finance management and admin.

You will learn how to translate these principles into systems, policies and formats. And you’ll develop systems, policies and formats that are suitable for your own context and your own team. And we’ll make sure they’re are suitable to your donor’s needs, requirements and conditions.

Each workshop will lead to a very practical output for your organization.

I will explain to you the rationale behind the systems, policies and formats. But I will also focus on practical application of the principles in your own organization and context. With the formats, checklists and worksheets I share with you, you are able to develop your own systems, policies and formats. After going through the workshops, you can continue the conversation in our members only online community where you can ask your questions.

With these 6 workshops, you will build a strong foundation for a solid finance management and admin system for your organization. No more worries about not being in control of the money going out. No need to dread monitoring visits or auditors. And no more panic attacks about donors losing their trust.

Doesn’t that sound great?

What do these workshops look like? What will I learn and create?

There are 6 workshop trainings:

Financial processes – the basics

In this workshop we follow the flow of finance in your organization. We identify internal guidelines and policies you need to have in place for proper financial management. This is important for yourself – so that you know money is spent well and can always be properly accounted for. But it is also important to inspire trust in the community you serve as well as in your donors – so that they can see you are professional, responsible and accountable.

This workshop is for you if you want to make sure you handle incoming and outgoing money properly and if you want to make sure everyone in your team knows what they need to do and that they understand their financial roles.

Get the workshop and gain support from me and from your fellow nonprofit leaders in the members only online community.

Workshop members receive an outline for a basic financial manual with prompts guiding you through the set-up of your own rules and systems.

Bookkeeping basics

This workshop is about the basics of setting up and using your accounting system, which can be an Excel system or an accounting software. We look at: what is a chart of accounts? What is the meaning of it? What are important concepts in bookkeeping? What information does your accounting system need – and what should it verify? What information do you need to get out of your accounting system – and how to make that possible? Having a good system will help generate better project reports and better annual accounts reports. But it will also help you improve progress monitoring in your activities.

This workshop is for you if you want to make sure you’re keeping proper track of expenses and income. It is also for you if you’re interested in understanding the basics of accounting so that you can set up your organization’s accounts more professionally.

Get the workshop and gain support from me and from your fellow nonprofit leaders in the members only online community.

Workshop members receive a worksheet with key information from the workshop and an annotated sample of a Chart of Accounts.

Documentation basics

What are documents you need to keep when it comes to your expenses, income and operations? Why and for whom? How to organize these documents? Collecting, filing and storing documents is one of the things most people find boring. (And maybe it is). But if you are certain that you are collecting the documents you need and can have access to them at any time, you can sleep much better at night! No worries about tax checks, auditors, proposals and donor requests, discussions with staff … etc.

This workshop is for you if you want to organize your documents effectively, ensuring they’re easily retrievable in the future. This will help you meet accountability and reporting requirements with ease.

Get the workshop and gain support from me and from your fellow nonprofit leaders in the members only online community.

Workshop members receive a documentation checklist and an annotated sample of a staff file cover sheet.

Cash Flow projection

This workshop focuses on projecting your cash flow. A cash flow projection helps you see in advance when you might face problems paying bills or salaries so that you can work to avoid these challenges becoming a reality. This can be really helpful when your donors are not paying 100% advance upfront. But it is also helpful when you are just starting out and trying to get a grip on your money inflow and outflow.

By the way, you can use the same mechanism to project the flow of stock, showing clearly when you need new stock coming in to ensure smooth continuous operations without interruption.

This workshop is for you especially if you’re dealing with grantmaking donors who prefinance only a portion of your expenses. It’s also useful if you deal with any type of inventory and want to easily track what’s in stock, as well as efficiently manage stock coming in and going out.

Get the workshop and gain support from me and from your fellow nonprofit leaders in the members only online community.

Workshop members receive a format for a cash flow projection sheet.

Time sheets

In this workshop we dive into recording time spent by your team members and external hires and why you might need or want to do this. We will look at how you can use time sheet information for management, budgeting and reporting. And we will talk about how you can help your team get used to this.

This is for you if you have a project grant that includes budget for your staff (that you need to report on). But this is also for you if you want to have a basic process in place to help you with management, budgeting and planning purposes.

Get the workshop and gain support from me and from your fellow nonprofit leaders in the members only online community.

Workshop members receive a worksheet on the basics of tracking time and two examples of time sheets with instructions.

Fee calculation basics

In this workshop we will look at how to calculate the real cost for time spent by your staff. In many project grants, you need to budget for days worked x cost of time spent – and also report on these expenses. With the help of time sheets, you can keep track of time spent. But how to calculate the cost of that time? What to include in that calculation? What is allowed and what is usual practice?

This is for you if you want to be able to calculate the real cost of time spent by your team in a transparent way, based on common principles, that you can share with any donor or auditor if they ask.

Get the workshop and gain support from me and from your fellow nonprofit leaders in the members only online community.

Workshop members receive a worksheet on fee calculation and an excel format to calculate their fees.

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Join in time for the Get It Done Week from 6 – 12 May 2024 and get extra support and feedback! (FOR BUNDLE MEMBERS ONLY)

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I strongly recommend getting the Bundle with all 6 workshops to build your systems consistently in just 6 mornings or afternoons.

Go through all 6 workshops to build a strong foundation for a solid basic finance management and admin system for your organization.

So that you’ll no longer need to lose sleep over getting your reports sent out in time. You won’t need to panic about having enough money in your bank account. And you can spend more time and creativity on working on your vision and mission, creating more impact with your work!


Pick and choose individual workshops for $9 each.

This is if you need only a couple of the workshops and want to pick and choose.

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Get the workshops and gain support from me and from your fellow nonprofit leaders in a private members only community!



If you run into any issues, you can post your question in the members only online community. We’ll make sure someone answers your questions within 3 business days.



Questions you may have:

For how long can I access the workshops?

You will have access to the workshop recordings for as long as I keep this product online. All workshops are fully downloadable so you can access them offline, too.

If we ever decide to take down the workshops, we’ll give you a 30-day notice. This way, you’ll have ample time to download any materials you haven’t already saved before they’re removed.

Are the workshops suitable for me?
The workshops are geared to serve small nonprofits that want to invest in setting up proper systems for finance management, accountability and transparency. If you are working in a small nonprofit, and have responsibility for finance, for instance as director, finance manager, finance officer or treasurer, these workshops are for you.

You do not need to have financial expertise to be able to follow the workshops. But you do need to be motivated to learn a bit about finance and about setting up accountability.

If you are looking for a ‘done for you’ product, these workshops are not for you. The workshops focus on helping you use concepts and formats to develop everything on your own, or with the help of your team.

What materials will I have access to?
You will have access to a recording of the workshops you joined, and you will be able to download all relevant materials (formats, checklists) for the workshop as described.

You can download the workshop as video (mp4), audio (mp3) or transcript (txt).

Are there any updates?
You will have access to any future updates if there are any.
How will my questions be answered?
You can post your questions in the private online community. Your questions will be answered where you post them.
What is the workshop schedule?
There is no schedule. As soon as you join the workshops, you will have access to the materials right away.
How much time does it take?
Each workshop lasts about 90 min. Depending on the workshop, reserve around two hours afterwards for finalization of your own documents.
And what does this cost?
The price of for all six workshops in the bundle is $49 (instead of $54).

Each individual workshop is available for $9.

So what’s next?

Select the button below that best fits your needs and enroll in the workshops that interest you (you can even choose all six)!

You can choose:

  • OPTION 1: Pay $49 for all six workshops in the bundle.
  • OPTION 2: Pay $9 per individual workshop.

A final note from me

I know many nonprofit leaders don’t enjoy thinking about finance. Because it’s always a nuisance. There never seems to be enough money to do all the things. And it seems so hard to find donors for grants, sponsorships or private donations.

I understand. It can be tough. I’ve been in your shoes, so I know what it’s like. (In fact, I’m currently working with a nonprofit as a controller, so I’m right there with you.)

But to be honest, the hardest – and most important – part is not to find new donors, but to keep the ones you have. To make sure the donors that invested in your work are satisfied. Not only by the impact you generate. But also by your accountability, transparency, integrity and the quality of your budgeting and reporting. These are the things that help you build and keep trust with your donors. And without trust, donors will simply stop supporting your mission.

…If you don’t want to lose sleep worrying about how best to budget and account for your team’s time as they work to make a positive impact in your community…

…If you don’t want to panic about how much money you have in your accounts and whether it is enough for the upcoming months…

…If you don’t want to feel sick to your stomach when a donor asks to see proof of the expenses you reported…

Then these workshops are for you!

Because in these workshops I help you with all these areas and more. In a practical way. Without a difficult language. And without complex Excel sheets that no-one understands.

Everything I share in these workshops is based on my own experience, of more than 25 years, in different nonprofits. I have used all these things myself and I have been able to satisfy auditors and donors with everything I produced with these approaches, formats and checklists.

I hope you’ll allow yourself to invest in these workshops. To invest time and commitment into setting up your own finance and admin systems and practices. So that you never need to worry again about your financial position or about your reporting skills. So that you can feel confident and proud when someone asks about your finance processes and systems. Because you know they are geared toward accountability, transparency and integrity. So that you can free your time and attention to focus on achieving your mission instead of on worrying about those behind the scene tasks, yet so crucial for the success of your nonprofit.

I truly wish this for you, and I believe that as you improve, the world becomes a better place.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in my workshops!