Create clarity and peace of mind with this Easy Staff File checklist

Organize your staff files professionally in only 8 steps!

  • Are your staff files a bit like a box you still must unpack?
  • Is it a nightmare to make an overview of used leave days?
  • Do you constantly need to discuss your expectations of your team members?




Stop your staff admin nightmare now!

Imagine that with just one click of a button you could

  • check that your team member signed for the rules of using your nonprofit’s equipment …
  • verify the number of leave days left for any staff member …
  • give an auditor or government official correct and complete staff contract information …

What if you could always feel confident and calm that your nonprofits staff admin is professionally organized?

This is not a dream!

With my easy staff file checklist, you can simply tick off all the things you need to collect and record about your staff.

  • You will see in an instant what is missing so that you can address that issue easily.
  • When all your files are complete and up to date, you are ready for any question, from your staff, your auditor, or any law enforcement agent.

I know getting your staff files in order can be challenging in the beginning. That’s why I am here for you in 8 short videos, walking you through the checklist building blocks step by step.

Get your staff file checklist here and get started today!

Your Easy Staff File Checklist

Do you want to

  • be confident that you have all documents you need to have about each of your staff members, past and present?
  • understand what these documents are, and why you might need to store them?
  • have a clear overview of information that needs regular checks and updating?

Then my easy staff file checklist is for you!

And it is not just a checklist.

In 8 short videos I walk you through the 8 main building blocks of your staff files. I highlight for you the main documents you need to have in place. And I tell you why.  So that you can start using your checklist today even.

And using your checklist, you can ensure that you have all the information that

  • you are required by law to verify and keep
  • auditors may ask you for
  • can avoid hassle in the workplace

In short, you will have all the information in your files that you need to feel confident as a professional!

Sounds good?

Get your staff file checklist here and get started today!