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On this page you’ll find everything I have created for you to set up, manage, maintain and uplevel your nonprofit’s operations so that you can worry less and focus more energy and creativity on your nonprofit’s mission and vision for this world.

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Here are my free resources to help you get started with your nonprofit, your key strategic documents and your project budgets.

NEW!!! 10 Essential strategic documents your nonprofits need to have
Very often, nonprofits ask me: Suzanne what kind of documents do I need to have for my organisation?
And here is my answer: a brand new list of 10 essential strategic documents every nonprofit needs to have to be professional. To be a safe space for your team. To be credible for the community, the cause you serve, and your key stakeholders. And to build trust with your partners and donors.
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Checklist nonprofit annual report

Here’s my simple checklist to help you make sure that your annual report’s narrative and your annual financial statement include all the information you need to present to be compliant and transparent. And to be a powerful marketing tool that mobilises your future donors!

I’m also throwing in some extra inspiration videos – just because I’m crazy about annual reports and want you to be able to create the best one for your nonprofit!

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Build a solid base for your nonprofit in 3 steps

Are you thinking of starting a nonprofit? Or have you just founded one? You are not 100% sure what to do next?

I designed a three-step mini course for you to help you build a solid base for your nonprofit.

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Ten tips to make clever project budgets

If you want to know how to make a project budget that includes all costs at a realistic cost level and that doesn’t lead to an implementation loss for your organization, follow my ten tips for clever project budgets!

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Nonprofit support community on Heartbeat

Come into my free nonprofit support community on Heartbeat and join the conversation about all sorts of nonprofit operations topics.

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Practical workshops on demand (less than $10)

Here are my very practical workshops for you. They are pre-recorded and a great small investment to start with

NEW!!! 7 ways to generate unearmarked income for your nonprofit ($9)

You want financial flexibility for your nonprofit to cover costs outside approved project budgets.
And you want to save up some money for later. In case there’s an emergency or a funding gap.

Unearmarked income is your answer.

But how to get it?

  • Who will give the ‘free money’?
  • Can that be a stable source of income?
  • Won’t it risk your charity status?
  • And isn’t it an awful lot of work for your team?

In this workshop I’ll walk you through 7 ways how you can generate unaffected income for your nonprofit, addressing all these questions and more!

Click here to get my workshop and start working on your unearmarked income from today!

Donation Received - Now What? ($9)

Recognise this feeling? The joy of receiving a donation quickly changing into panic: now what???????

  • How can I handle this money properly?
  • How to keep this donor happy so they’ll contribute more?
  • Wasn’t there some law around privacy and data? Does it apply?

I know more than I hope you’ll ever find out about what can go wrong.

That’s why I created my workshop: Donation Received – Now What?

Inside, I walk you through the decisions you need to make and you’ll create your own Standard Operating Procedures to make sure future donors will be treated just fine!

Click here to join the workshop and set up everything methodically to put your mind at ease when managing incoming donations!

Financial Processes for nonprofits ($9)

In this workshop we will follow the flow of finance in your organization. We will identify what internal guidelines and policy you need to set up to ensure proper financial management. This is important for you – so that you know money is well spent and can always be properly accounted for. But it is also important to inspire trust in the community you serve as well as in your donors, – so that they can see you are professional, responsible and accountable.

This workshop is for you if you want to make sure you are handling incoming and outgoing money properly and if you want to make sure everyone in your team knows what they need to do.

Workshop members will receive an outline for a basic financial manual with prompts guiding you through the set-up of your own rules and systems.

Click here to get started now!

Bookkeeping for nonprofits ($9)

In this workshop we will look at the basics of setting up and using your accounting system, whether that is an in-house excel system or an external one. We will look at: what is a chart of accounts? What is the meaning of that? What are the important concepts in bookkeeping? What information does your accounting system need – and what should it verify? What information do you need to get out of your accounting system – and how to make that possible? Having a solid system will help generate better project reports and better annual account reports. But it will also help you improve the progress monitoring of  your activities.

This workshop is for you if you want to make sure you are keeping proper track of expenses and income. And if you are interested to understand the basics of accounting to enhance your organization’s professionalism.

Workshop members will receive a worksheet with key information from the workshop and an annotated sample of a Chart of Accounts.

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Documentation basics for nonprofits ($9)

What are documents you need to keep in regard of your expenses, income and operations? Why and for whom? How to organize these documents? Collecting, filing and storing documents is one of the things most people find boring. (And maybe it is). But if you are sure you are collecting the documents you need and can access them at any time, you will put your mind at ease! No worries about tax checks, auditors, proposals and donor requests, discussions with staff … etc.

This workshop is your solution if you aim to maintain essential documents in an organized manner, ensuring easy retrieval for yourself and others. It’s all about simplifying accountability and meeting reporting requirements as they come up.

Workshop members will receive a documentation checklist and an annotated sample of a staff file cover sheet.

Click here to start sorting this out today!

Cash Flow projection for nonprofits ($9)

In this workshop we will look at how you can project your cash flow. This will help you anticipate potential issues with bill or salary payments ahead of time. That way you can work to avoid these challenges becoming reality. This can be helpful when your donors are not paying 100% advance upfront. But also when you are just starting out and trying to get a grip on your finances.

You can use the same mechanism for projecting the flow of stock, showing clearly when you need new stock coming in to ensure smooth operations without interruptions.

This workshop is suitable if you need to carefully plan your incoming and outgoing cash flows, especially when dealing with grantmaking donors who prefinance only a portion of your expenses. But it’s also useful if you deal with any type of inventory and need to have a clear view of available stock at all times while efficiently managing stock inflow and outflow.

Workshop members will receive a format for a cash flow projection sheet.

Click here to get a grip on your money in and outflow today!

Time sheets for nonprofits ($9)

In this workshop, we will explore how to track the time spent by your team members and external hires and understand the reasons why you might find it beneficial to do so. We will look at how you can use time sheet information for management, budgeting and reporting. And at how you can help your team get used to this.

This is for you if you have a project grant that includes budget for your staff (that you need to report on). But this is also for you if you want to have this basic process in place to help you for management, budgeting and planning purposes.

Workshop members will receive a worksheet on the basics of tracking time and two examples of time sheets with instructions.

Click here to get going with time sheets from today!

Fee calculation for nonprofits ($9)

In this workshop, we will delve into the process of calculating the actual cost of the time your staff invests. In numerous project grants, you must budget for the days worked multiplied by the cost of the time spent, and you also need to report on this. Time sheets are a valuable tool for tracking time spent, but understanding how to calculate the cost of that time can be tricky. What should be included in this calculation, and what is considered standard practice?

This is for you if you want to be able to calculate the real cost of time spent by your team in all transparency, based on common principles, that you can share with any donor or auditor if they ask.

Workshop members will receive a worksheet on fee calculation and an excel format to calculate their fees.

Click here to start calculating the real costs of your time spent from today!

Planners ($15 or less)

Take me with you every day when using my nonprofit management planner!


A 3 month Nonprofit management planner, undated, full colours ($15)

Undated daily planner for three months. Weekly prompts on key strategic nonprofit management & operations topics that help you collect, analyze and discuss operational details that will help you up-level your nonprofit’s performance in just 3 months!

Product details

  • A 3 month undated daily planner.
  • 14 prompts on nonprofit management & operations topics, like fundraising, finance, team and systems.
  • Colour print.
  • Perfectly sized at 8.5″ x 11″ to fill with all of your notes!

Click here to find this planner on

To minimise postage costs, copy the description and look up my planner in your local Amazon shop.

A 3 month nonprofit management planner, undated, black & white print ($8.99)

A 3 month undated daily planner. Weekly prompts on key strategic nonprofit management & operations topics that help you collect, analyze and discuss operational details that will help you up-level your nonprofit’s performance in just 3 months!

Product details

  • A 3 month undated daily planner.
  • 14 prompts on nonprofit management & operations topics, like fundraising, finance, team and systems.
  • Black & white print.
  • Perfectly sized at 8.5″ x 11″ to fill with all of your notes!

Click here to find this planner on

To minimise postage costs, copy the description and look up my planner in your local Amazon shop.

We see a person walking up a low hill, pointing happily at a big notice board that says: "Our plan" at the top and "Your wish?" at the bottom. The caption reads "Are you coming?"

Do you want to gain control of your nonprofit finance and admin management?

Then join my nonprofit finance management & admin foundations workshops

what are you planning for Valentine's Day

Finance and Admin Foundations for nonprofits ($49)

If you want to set up your nonprofit’s finance systems all in one go, get my bundle of 6 foundational workshops here.


Finance & Admin Foundations for nonprofits workhop bundle ($49)

In these workshops you will learn basic key principles for accountability, transparency and integrity in finance management and admin.

You will learn how these translate into systems, policies and formats that you will develop, suitable for your own context and your own team. Including suitable to your own donor’s needs, requirements and conditions.

Each workshop will lead to a very practical product for your organization.

I will explain to you the rationale behind the systems, policies and formats. But in each workshop I will also focus on practical application of the principles in your own organization and context. With the formats, checklists and worksheets I will share with you, you will be able to develop your own systems, policies and formats.

These 6 workshops will help you built a strong foundation for a solid basic finance management and admin system for your organization. No need to stress over losing control of your expenses or fearing monitoring visits and audits. Say goodbye to panic attacks about donors losing trust in your organization.

If you have any questions, you can jump into our members only community with your peers, where together, we can find answers to dilemmas and challenges!

Doesn’t that sound great?

So what’s included?

  • Workshop financial processes for nonprofits
  • Workshop bookkeeping foundations for nonprofits
  • Workshop documentation basics for nonprofits
  • Workshop cash flow for nonprofits
  • Workshop timesheets for nonprofits
  • Workshop fee calculation for nonprofits
  • Downloadable presentations, formats, templates and examples
  • A closed community for all your questions and dilemmas

Click here to start with a solid finance and admin processes today!

Here’s what my member say about my finance and admin workshops

A future donor did an assessment on financials (accountability). This has given me insights in what to put in place to enable my organization to excel. Exactly the things addressed in these workshops. Suzanne, through what she is doing, has moved our organization many steps forward.

After these workshops, I am done with my initial steps that included manual formulation, Financial processes and systems. All done.

Suzanne has a knack for making such dull subjects like administration and finance not only bearable but actually quite fascinating

– Caroline Isted of Thula Baba

Reviews ($50)

Sometimes, you want to ensure you’re on the right path. I can provide personalized video feedback to review your document, offering valuable tips and observations.


Annual Report Review ($50)

Your annual report is a powerful marketing tool that can make (potential) donors enthusiastic about your impact – if you create it cleverly.

You can show your impact and your professionalism. You can be transparent and mobilise your readers to support you.

In my video review of your annual report draft, I’ll highlight strengths and identify potential compliance issues, providing tips to make your report even stronger.

Click here to order your review today!

Review of your policy & SOPs for donations ($50)

Let me be your “colleague” for a day
and get my professional review of your donation policy & donation SOPs – for your nonprofit specifically.

You can display your achievements and professionalism, being open and encouraging your readers to support you.

In my video review of your donation policy and donations SOPs draft, I’ll highlight strengths and identify potential compliance issues. Plus, I’ll offer tips to enhance the policies and SOPs, making them stronger and more user-friendly.

Click here to order your review today!

Courses (from $85)

If you’re looking for a more in-depth learning experience with live sessions and Q&A support, consider enrolling in my courses!


Project Design for nonprofits (pay what you want from $85)

The course consists of 4 modules:

  1. Your project idea
  2. Your project logic
  3. Your project monitoring framework
  4. Your project budget.

Here is what you will get:

  • 4 online modules with (captioned) video presentations
  • Downloadable video & audio files, transcripts and presentations
  • Downloadable guides, worksheets, formats, checklists, examples
  • An extra module 0 with all you need to know about documents donors will ask you for


  • Access to a closed community group for course members only to share and discuss. I will be inside the community to answer your questions.
  • Monthly live trainings or Q&As, as needed.

Formats, checklists and examples are all integrated into the course lessons.

Click here to start designing great projects today!

Annual Reporting for nonprofits (pay what you want from $85)

Learn all about building your annual report in this online course with instruction videos, workbooks, examples, checklists and formats. You will be able to use all these resources to make your own annual report suitable for your context and stakeholders.

Here is what you will get:

  • 3 online modules with 11 lessons
  • Videos, workbooks, formats, checklists
  • Monthly live trainings or Q&As, as needed.
  • Bonus: access to a private and closed community with expert support from your peers and myself.

Since many nonprofits focus on their annual reporting between February and June, we’ll hold an additional Q&A session during this period. So from February to June, you will have two live calls every month to help you move forward.

Click here to start creating a powerful annual report today!

Practical Labour Law & HR for nonprofits (pay what you want from $125)

Practical Labour Law & HR for nonprofits who care about their team

Our course Practical Labour Law & HR for nonprofits who care about their team will give you a complete step by step system to set up and implement compliant and caring personnel policies and contracting for your nonprofit in line with best practices in the sector – without a law degree!

Here is what you will get:

  • 5 online modules with 20+ lessons (+ 5 lessons about the specifics of Dutch labour law)
  • Videos, workbooks, formats, checklists, examples


  • Access to a closed community for course members only, where your questions will be answered by us and where you can exchange with your peers.
  • Monthly live trainings or Q&As, as needed.

Click here to start with professional HR policy, systems and practice for your nonprofit today!

What my course members say about Project design for nonprofits


“The course is well-structured and well presented.”


“I learned to think like a computer, step by step. To be logical without losing my imagination.”

“Validating my idea was new to me. It will make a real difference. We can have more real effective impact on people, and make them feel they are an important part of the project.”

“I like how Suzanne talks, it feels like she’s talking to me, very natural, with tiny mistakes. I LOVE the beginning of the lessons. The introductions and then highlighting the achievements at the end of the lessons. That makes me feel I am going to do it! It’s very motivational.”

“What I liked best about the course is the content and content presentation. The zeal you put in the course to ensure we get the best out of it.”

And I want to share one very special story with you. The story of Youth & Students Advocates for Development Initiative Nigeria (YSAD). They used all the knowledge and skills they picked up in the course, to develop a project. And this year they won a grant for it of almost 60,000 euro! Chairman Obinna Nwagbara says: “We registered in 2010. We could not achieve this until I came in touch with Suzanne in 2020. I took part in her course on Project Design that year and worked so hard on our proposal. She helped me with feedback and tips where possible, and beyond. We are part of Suzanne’s effort to make the world a better place – and so proud of where we are now!

Let me help you empower your nonprofit


Hi! I am Suzanne, a nonprofit operations strategist with over 30 years of experience. I know the unique challenges small organisations face, as I’ve worked in both small and large nonprofits myself.

I understand the struggles your encounter in dealing with annual reports, HR, project design, and finances. I’ve been in your shoes and I know the late nights, the pressure, and the worries that come with these tasks.

But here’s the good news: my mission is to simplify these complex topics. Whether it’s demystifying annual reports to build trust, making HR and contracting a breeze, or teaching you the art of effective project design, I provide practical insights, easy-to-use templates, and real-world examples.

I’m still living in real examples every day in the work I do with nonprofits on finance, strategic planning, operations and more.

Invest in yourself and your nonprofit today. My programmes offer you professional growth and confidence to make a bigger impact. Let’s make the world a better place—one step at a time.

See you in class!



“I help small nonprofits professionalize their organization and  strengthen their financial management and administration set-ups. So that they can be a reliable partner within their communities and donors, achieve the impact they desire, and make our world better for everyone.”

A big thank you to Lizzy Goddard for the idea of an Everything page

Elizabeth Goddard inspired me to create this Everything page. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, she is constantly developing new things. All her ideas are very easy to follow and impactful. I find that some of her courses are really useful for nonprofits, too. For instance, her Lazy Guide to Affiliate Marketing course can give you so many ideas for setting up affiliate income for your nonprofit.

You can find everything she’s got on her everything page.

Please note that the links I share to Lizzy’s world are affiliate links. If you buy something from Lizzy via these links, I will receive a commission at not extra cost to you.

Please know that I share affiliate links only when I know and use something myself and LOVE it. I take my recommendations very seriously that way.

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