I cannot quite remember when I blogged for the last time. I am pretty sure it must have been close to two years ago, when I was all fired up about a dream I had and the makings of a plan to achieve this dream. I had just run a survey to help find out what key challenges nonprofits face when it comes to managing their money. This was aimed at validating and fine-tuning my idea for an online course I wanted to develop. While my ideas were affirmed, the results of the survey made me adjust my plans as it turned out that the number one issue was something different from what I had in mind of offering in my course. I had in mind to develop a course on preparing an annual financial statement while most questions that came up related to making budgets, especially on organizational level.

So far, so good.

Then, reality knocked on my door. Big time.

And I let myself be blown off course.

I should rephrase that in fact. It isn’t just that this happened to me. I am not some kind of victim here, comfortable as that might be. I decided to put my plans on hold so that I could handle a set of crises in one of my assignments properly and carefully and thoughtfully. To be able to really focus on the team and getting the situation resolved in the best possible way. (One big reason not to be blogging is also: what can you write about a crisis? Much is confidential and the rest needs a real live conversation. In my experience. If you are interested, drop me a note!).

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. I am ready to move on, to wrap up two big assignments that I have had, each with their own level of crisis. I am working my butt off on developing my ideas and writing it all down in a nice way (more about this process in a next post). I work with an accountability partner that is my role model. I hire someone to help me with branding and web design, I arrange two photo sessions. I am all set.

Reality check, again. Someone asks me where the brand-new crisis is, that I, clearly a crisis manager after all, will address.

And it hits me big time. My dream is about preventing crises. What I want most of all is to help build resilient nonprofits that have their house in order and are in control of their organizational and financial management so that they can fulfill their mission with a well-managed team and with support from funding partners that love them. I want to be there before the proverbial shit hits the fan. No, I want to be there before any shit even considers hitting any fans. In fact, I want to be there to ensure there is as little shit as possible and no fan anywhere in sight. This is my drive.

And since spring this year I have allowed myself to invest a little bit of time here and there in this dream of mine, where I will contribute to the sustainability and resilience of nonprofits across the globe, through improved financial accountability and control. Through improved knowledge and skills in financial management and administration. Through my online content and online courses and (online) training and coaching.

Arguably, I am not that much advanced in implementation compared to two years ago. However, I feel so much ahead this time. I have learned valuable lessons in these past years (some of which I may at some point share). I have elaborated and fine-tuned my plans a bit. I am creating time for myself to do the work on this. And I have so much more resolve that this is the way to go for me. (How that came about I will share in a next blog!). This time, I will show up for my dream. I am ready.

To stay on point, I will write about it. Also in my newsletter, where I will add some extra tidbits of information, insights and behind the scenes. While crises are managed mostly out of sight, dreams after all must live in the light of our love for them.

So, I will write about what I am doing for my dream.

And as part of that dream, I will share valuable content on finance for nonprofits.

I will be here to answer questions you may have on finance management and administration. (Really! I am only a message away!)

And you will see me here, in my newsletter, and on other social media compensating like crazy for my two years of outward silence. Ater all, I’ve got work to do! I want to be there for all those nonprofits that I did not support these past two years! So that they (you?) can make this planet a better place for all of us!


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