This is for all my nonprofit leaders, executive directors, managers and founders: my printed planners.
I want to guide you through 14 key topics to help you get a grip on your nonprofit core work, your system, your team and your financial situation.
I want to be at your side, each week, for three months for this. And help you set aside time each week for a different important key issue.
So that after these three months you’ll not only have done all your usual work.
You will also have built a better, more solid foundation for your organisation.
I keep it simple – with simple questions and prompts to help think about answers. And with reminders for your week planning to not forget to plan in certain meetings or activities.
Get a glimpse here, in my clunky clumsy video impression:
You’ll be invited to join my “all members playground” so we can explore all questions in my closed community on Heartbeat and together make the next three months count for you.
I am looking forward to seeing you there!


You can find your planners on Amazon in a full colour and in a black/white print version, dated and undated, via these links:
They are all the same content, so it doesn’t matter which one you pick.


If you want to get a dated copy for Q3, email me your proof of purchase. Then I will send you a pdf version of the first pages so you can get started straightaway!
We see a screenshot of a Canva file of a black & white planner for nonprofit management Q3 2023, one of the set of planners for nonprofit executive directors, managers, founders and leaders.