Self-care in your nonprofit is always important. Without it, you cannot keep going. And in the end, you’ll destroy yourself and your beautiful organisation.

Boundaries are part of self-care

We spoke about setting healthy boundaries before. They are an important part of self-care. 

Self-care is more than saying no

It’s not just about saying no. Or delegating and making it possible for others to take over tasks if and as needed.

Self-care is saying YES

It’s about saying yes to yourself and the things and people that are important for you, in life and in work. In your nonprofit and outside of it. It’s about creating space to do things you love doing also when it’s not work. 


This is where it gets tricky for many of us. Because we don’t always know very well what things we like or even love doing, as we focus on what needs to be done. So we’ll need to create some quiet space for ourselves to allow ourselves to feel what it is we value and love, outside our important nonprofit work. 



Schedule it in!

If you’re not clear on what these things are, then schedule an empty morning, afternoon or evening in your calendar now to figure this out. This is an important task and also one you should not postpone!

Schedule it in – some more!

Whenever you plan work tasks, make sure you’ve scheduled your personal priorities before. So that it’s clear there are limited time slots available for work tasks. Here’s where your boundaries are key! Be sure that your personal priorities are non-negotiable.


Planning self-care includes planning for risks. What if something happens that throws you off course? What are activities, people or things that are healing for you? Make a list and keep that somewhere nearby. Maybe in an app like Google Keep Notes or similar. 


Because self-care is even more crucial in times of crisis. Precisely when it is easy to forget or to feel that it’s a luxury that needs to wait. It isn’t a luxury and it can definitely not wait.

It doesn’t matter what type of crisis it is. An external crisis where you need to mitigate the impact on your work and team, like a war or flood for instance. Or an internal crisis due to a funding gap or a conflict. You’ll need to take care of yourself. And you’ll need to encourage and facilitate others to do the same.

That’s when you need to be able to rely on your personal priorities. And when you need to have your list of things to do to calm down, relax and heal at hand. This is something that may feel hard to do. But you can do it and you can learn to be better at this, too.

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