The thing most nonprofits dislike most about money is the bureaucracy. Or maybe it’s just a feeling of bureaucracy around managing money properly. The endless form-filling. Signing this or that. Why can’t it be easy???? Let me tell you what’s good about paperwork for money. 

Value for money

Procurement processes are things most of us dislike. But – they actually help us make sure we get good value for our money. So we’re not spending more than we need to. And so we can use our money in the best possible way to get the most done. 

Real prices & real invoices

We don’t want to pay fake invoices or fraudsters. That’s why it’s good to have systems in place to check incoming invoices. So we can be sure we’re paying contracted services to the right bank account at the agreed price. 



Data for budgeting

Keeping track of the cost of services and goods helps us create better budgets for new projects. Now we know what the real cost is so we don’t budget too low amounts. If a donor asks us where our budget comes from, we have data to show them too!

These are just three ways how managing your money with some level of ‘bureaucracy’ is actually helping your nonprofit practically.

Having systems in place that your team clearly (and visibly) follows in your nonprofit also helps you build trust with your donors. So that they also can be sure their money is used in the best possible way and isn’t paid to fraudsters.

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