In a previous article I focused on what is guiding you in the final quarter of 2021. In this article I want to zoom in a bit more on wrapping up 2021 with your board (and preparing for 2022).

Wrapping up 2021

Check your Q4 board meeting

Most boards have quarterly meetings. This means that you probably still need to have one meeting this calendar year. Did you set the the date for that meeting yet? Have the members confirmed attendance? Is there an agenda? Are all the documents ready? (Or is there a due date in your calendar for preparing and sending them?).

Usually, the key topic of the Q3 or Q4 board meeting is next year’s budget. Did the board agree on the 2022 budget yet? Is there an annual work plan for 2022? Do you have a multi-annual strategy, work plan and budget?


If your board has sub-committees, for instance for fundraising or finance, you might want to check if there are plans or events they need to plan still. Do they need your support or encouragement? (Or a thank you?)


This is a good moment to double check that you have all minutes and documents for all board meetings of the calendar year. Are they safely stored in a folder you can easily find? Has the board (or you) followed up on all action points?

Year-end event

Many nonprofits organize a year-end event for the team. Often, board members are invited, too. Did you schedule such an event yet? Will you invite the board? Did you send out invitations or ‘save-the-date’s been yet?

Preparing for 2022

Board meetings

Did you schedule the board’s meetings for next year yet? And do all meetings have a clear focus? Can board members easily import the meeting invites into their calendars? (So that you know they won’t cancel last minute because they forgot about the meeting ….)

Roles & responsibilities

Now is a good moment to check that the roles and responsibilities of your board members are up-to-date. Also, check that the board has all the roles you need for the organization’s aims for 2022 and beyond. Does your board have all the committees you need? Are their mandates and tasks clear? Or do you need to have a good and open discussion about this?

Board members

What about the terms of office of your board members? Are any of those ending in 2022? Do you need to look for new board members to replace them? Or do you need to look for new board members to create more variety in expertise available in the board? Or do you need new board members to achieve the set aims for next year and beyond?

Documentation up to date?

Is your documentation about board members up to date? And do you keep track of when you should ask for a new copy of their new passport, for instance? Also, are you sure that board members who left are no longer registered as your representative, for instance with the bank or government agencies?

My key tips

  • Make sure you have a clear list of all required data and documents of your board members, and an overview of where they are registered as representing your organization.
  • Make sure that board members who leave are no longer listed as representatives of your organization.

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