Are you worried about the impact of the corona virus pandemic on your not-for-profit? Are you uncertain about how to plan now? And do you have difficulty getting yourself to focus on sorting out these worries because you are concerned about your loved ones …… then reserve 90 minutes to join my free online masterclass Fundraising in times of uncertainty this week!

The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted life as we knew it. Social distancing is now a well-known concept. Many not-for-profits see their usual activities, including fundraising events, being cancelled. At the same time, new pressing needs arise, while existing needs become more urgent for some groups as well. How can not-for-profits answer and serve their communities under the current circumstances?

In my free masterclass I will help you see how you can be relevant right now. I will help you think of ways to engage current and future donors. I will help you not to forget the basics of a good proposal. And I will help you find new doors while so many seem to be closing.

Are you ready for 90 minutes of making the most of this situation? Then register for one of my masterclasses this week:

After this week, I will continue supporting not-for-profits in their fundraising and project proposal writing through my online course on project design. You can find out more about that here.