As a nonprofit you need creativity for achieving your goals for your mission and vision. And you also need it to mobilise support for that work. It’s so easy to reach a gazillion of people online, via your website, newsletter and social media accounts. But it’s not always so easy to mobilise them that way. Sometimes it feels like you’re talking to everyone while no-one is listening. But it’s a cheap way for outreach and everyone’s doing it, and that’s why most of us do it, too…. And that’s exactly part of the problem here. So how can your nonprofit stand out in fundraising?

What do others do?

The first question to ask yourself is: what are other organisations doing? Are you doing the same? Are you as good at it as they are? Better? Or worse? Be honest with yourself. If you’re doing the same and you’re rubbish at it, it’s best to know. Then you can decide if you want to do something different – or learn and get better. (Or both, if you can afford it.)

What are trends?

To find out the latest in fundraising appeals, you can simply observe what big fundraising nonprofits do, online and offline. You can also look at what companies do in advertising or loyalty programmes. And if that suits you better, you can also read up on the topic online or in a book. 

Can you be trendy?

Think about what you learn from this. Could your nonprofit apply these ways also? Is there alignment with your values, for instance? Do you have the human resources and other tools needed? Is it possible to create a credible link with the work you do and the community or cause you serve?



Whatever else you do – keep space for being personal

Making a clear impression on the people you want to reach is always easier if you can make them feel special. A personal approach is also the best way to build a solid relationship with your fans and (potential) supporters. 

More effort

Of course, it takes more time and effort to write a personal card, letter or even chat message. Or to personally deliver something. (If we want to start a new trend we can call it slow fundraising). So you need to be strategic about it. 

Be more strategic

You’ll need to be more sure that you’re addressing the right person in the right way at the right time. You’ll need to target better and think harder about that upfront. 

And yes online outreach is still needed and useful!

You can use your social media and online outreach as a filter. It’s also a playground, where you can test things and try stuff out. If you pay attention, you can learn a lot about who your fans and supporters are. You can find out what truly matters to them. What they like about your work. You’ll learn how you can best speak with them. 

And finally

All of these insights will help you build a connection with them that you can deepen with your personal approach. That personal connection is what nobody else can do in the same way as you. And that’s how you can stand out over time in the hearts and minds of your fans who’ll become your biggest supporters. This is not hard. It’s not rocket science. All it takes is a strategic mind and persistence. 

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